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Join us for a Special Technology Event

SD-WAN: What You Need to Know 
The Switch PYRAMID Data Center Tour and Technology Discussion

A thought leadership and networking event.

SD WAN is the once-per-decade technology that defines the new era in wide area networking.

If you are looking to improve the uptime and performance of every application that runs on your network, then buckle up and listen in.  Don’t spend one more dollar on legacy technology. 

Join C3 for an educational session, guided tour, and networking event as we explain why these technologies should be your top initiatives in 2017. Topics to be covered include:

•  What is SD-WAN?
•  Real world case studies
•  Expected network impact once deployed
•  Panel discussion among the SD WAN leaders
•  The Switch PYRAMID Data Center Tour
•  Data Center Technology Discussion

Event Details
CIO Summit 2017 | Thursday, June 15th
3 PM - 6:30 PM
The Switch PYRAMID | Grand Rapids
6100 E. Paris Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49512

Tour the Switch PYRAMID, the largest, most advanced data center campus in the Eastern US. Learn more about why the State of Michigan, Ebay, and even small businesses choose Switch for their data center needs.

Space is limited to just 50 CIOs and IT decision makers, so complete the form to register today!

Space is limited, register now!

Sponsors and Speakers

More About SD-WAN

State of the Market
The performance demands of corporate networks are accelerating as business applications are increasingly connected, often in hosted in Data Centers or remote from the user’s location. SD-WAN is a game changing technology that allows companies like yours to build high performing networks leveraging their public internet network to achieve dramatic performance improvements at a fraction of the cost. SD-WAN is a perfect technology for enterprises whose applications are hosted in a Data Center and accessed from remote locations or users.

More about the The Switch PYRAMID Tour and Technology Talk
Learn about Switch’s Tier 4 data centers, see the latest buildouts to The Switch PYRAMID in Grand Rapids, and learn more about why the state of Michigan, Ebay, and even small businesses choose Switch for their data center needs.

WANs of the Past
Just a few years ago, the only WAN technology that could ensure quality of service and high performance was dedicated private network like MPLS. MPLS was a dramatic improvement over Frame Relay but with dedicated access and port costs, as well as often needing to maintain separate networks for public internet, MPLS was still an expensive and cumbersome solution.  Now, SD-WAN (Software Defined - Wide Area Network) has arrived.  

Introducing: SD-WAN
SD-WAN has the potential to not only dramatically improve your network performance, but deliver this promise at a fraction of your budget.  SD-WAN is a relatively new, but well-tested technology that enables businesses to connect their locations, aggregate bandwidth, and most importantly, provide optimal performance routing to flawlessly support the ever-expanding ecosystem of real-time and bandwidth hungry applications that drive today’s enterprises.  

SD-WAN can be delivered over-the-top of multiple network options – broadband Internet, business-class fiber, wireless, MPLS, and more - in a hybrid model to balance costs, performance and network redundancy  The ability to “run on anything” gives you the ability to cost-effective alternatives to improve your network's performance while lowering your network costs.  

It's the perfect compliment to MPLS to improve your application performance, and reduce costs;

Learn More about SD-WAN
To learn how SD-WAN could work for your organization, join us for SD-WAN: What You Need to Know, an in-depth discussion about the technology and cocktail hour to network with the leading vendors and subject matter experts in the SD-WAN industry.

Join Us!